I have been privileged enough to say I have had many different massages in many different places in the country, but no therapist has compared to Calvin. His vast knowledge of massage therapies shows every time he works with me. He truly seems to have a deep internal understanding of not only his profession, but the human body as well. I am more impressed every time I see him. I recommend all my friends and family to him, and anyone else who spends too much money on massage therapists who know minimal amounts. Thanks so much Calvin!! ~ Astor 

Having a massage with Calvin is a special event.  I have had massages all over the world and his rank among the best.  The beauty of having Calvin perform regular massages on you is that he learns to find all those spots that the body needs to have repaired.  The massages differ weekly depending upon what parts of the body need the most work.  Because he is continuously studying multiple techniques, he has many tools at hand and can incorporate them into your body treatment. Since my back and neck are my tightest areas, it is relief to be able to breathe better when I leave.  he is man dedicated to his craft and it is apparent in the massage he delivers. ~ Dr. Fox 

Thank you Calvin for your dedication, caring and excellence of your work!  The first time I booked a session with you, I was expecting a relaxing massage that would relieve the stress knots in my neck. I got so much more! You took the time to understand where the pain was located and where it originated.  At the end of that session not only the knots in neck were gone, but I felt so light and relaxed.  As you treat the body with the massage, the energy you share treats the mind and spirit.  A complete overhaul every time!!! ~ Feli

Calvin uses his gift of massage, intuition and ability to understand the body to deeply heal your pain physically. He is able to bring body back to its normal balance and restore your energy levels so it is performing on its optimal level. When I came to Calvin I was experiencing so much lower back pain and could barely function throughout the day. He used his essential oils and did a treatment where he places a drop of specific customized oil on each one of my spine energy spots. During the treatment my body relaxed and was able to let go of all the tension. It takes a lot for me to trust a therapist and fully let go, but with Calvin there is a sense of deep trust and care, compassion and loving energy. After the treatment my back pain went away and hasn’t come back. Thank you for all your loving work and professional 5 star quality treatment. 

~ Maja

Calvin have been my regular massage therapist for the past eight plus years and is well versed in a variety of techniques. He take the time to customize each sessions based on the needs of my body and spirit.  I always feel rejuvenated after each session and highly recommend him without reservation ~ Janice 


Calvin's attention to detail throughout the massage is like no other.  He finds pressure points you didn't know you had, and releases the tension beautifully.  You leave the massage feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.  His massage is by far at the very top of my list ~ Luc

Calvin, thank you for the treatment of your physical therapy, intuition, perception, etc. You have really helped on my journey to recovery.  See you again ~ Leslie 

Dear Calvin, You are the BEST!  You bodywork, your technique, the spirit in which you practice your art, your continuing search for new ways to help your clients, your professionalism, and of course, your caring.  I'm so happy to have this opportunity to tell you how appreciative I am of you and the work you do.  As you know, several years ago, I was having difficulty with my hip and could hardly step up on a curb and lift myself up. Today, after working with you, I not only walk with ease, climb steps with ease but am capable of working out everyday.  What a difference you have made in m ability to move about freely.  Thank you, Calvin for all you do and have done for me.  ~ Brooke 

I have been with Calvin for several years. He has not only shown excellence through professionalism, but his hands really work miracles!  To this day, I will not have a massage with anyone else.  I would highly recommend Calvin to anyone who is interested in not only receiving a wonderful massage, but also enjoying the friendship of a truly amazing soul. ~ Cindy

Dear Calvin, thank you very much for over seven years of weekly massages that eliminated my physical problems and improved my spiritual health.  I used to be tired, bitter, and worried about everything almost all the time. Look at me now - I am a skydiver!  I would never be able to reach that level without your magic touch ~ Rita 

I have worked with many massage therapists over the years and Calvin brings a sensitivity to his practice unlike any other practitioner.  He really listens to what a client needs, wants and expects from a session and makes a concerted effort to give you exactly what you want and need using a variety of skills and modalities that he has acquired over the years.  It becomes evident almost from the first session with Calvin that he is very passionate about the work he does and is always coming from such a genuine place in terms of his care for his clients and for the integrity of the work he does ~ Kevin

Over the past five plus years I've been fortunate to know Calvin and experience his work.  His healing touch has made a difference in my health and well-being. Calvin is truly gifted at his trade.  He is constantly learning new techniques to better treat his clients, he always take the time to ask and listen to my needs before each session. A session with Calvin is not only healing to the body but also the mind and spirit.  I highly recommend him to all my friends and family ~ Leanne